AHT EQ MIAMI 185 / 145 / 210 / 250 ECO LED freezer cabinets – refurbished


  • Power Supply: 230v / 50mhz

  • Depth outside / inside: 994 / 863 mm - 854 / 723mm

  • Front access height / height outside: 727 / 833 mm

  • Stacking height: 480 / 510 mm

Model MIAMI is the innovative cooling and freezing device stands for maximum energy efficiency and is a member of our new generation of low- energy marvels. Brilliant LED interior lighting assures an attractive presentation of your goods while the large, curving panoramic glass sliders optimize presentation area and make for perfect viewing. The unit's low height allows convenient placement and withdrawal of merchandise. Progressive design with no corners or sharp edges, but handy feature details that make all the difference. The MIAMI has nothing to hide – especially not its full product variety! The state-of-the-art technology and plug-in installation complete this well-thought-out concept, because it is a well-known fact that visual impressions count as well.


AHT EQ MIAMI freezer cabinet – refurbished


With its top-quality design, the MIAMI chest refrigerator/freezer is a champion energy-saver with an attractive panoramic view, which stands out through its smart and economical product presentation with high storage volumes.

AHT EQ - used freezers that maximizes your product display

  • Large stock up to 1000 pcs available for ordering

  • Six months warranty on freezer parts

  • Prompt delivery

  • Export documents can be arranged on request

  • Possibility to load full trucks or containers

  • All second hand AHT EQ freezers are thoroughly tested and refurbished in our workshop before shipmen

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Standard AHT Cooling Systems GmbH original carton packaging as default included

  • Reinforced AHT Cooling Systems GmbH original packaging for long distance shipments against heavy roads

Key Benefits

  • High energy-saving can be achieved in comparison to conventional open units

  • Environmentally friendly with natural refrigerant propane

  • 100 % CFC- and PFC-free

  • Brilliant LED lighting system which enhances product display, drives sales and reduces maintenance

  • Plug in model requiring no extra installation

  • Low investment and operating costs

  • Maintenance-free refrigeration system

  • Electronic speed-controlled compressor (VS)

  • The perfect solution – built in semi-automatic defrost (AD)



  • Dividers and grid set – as default included

  • Lighting unit that is available in different versions – available on request

  • Impact protection bumpers available in different colors – available on request

  • Covers for setting in a row – available on request

  • Kick plates prevent water and dust from falling below the cabinets – available on request

  • Trolley guards against physical impact – available on request

  • Other additional accessories – available on request

Temperature ranges

  • Freezing: –18°C to –23°C

  • Meat and minced meat refrigeration: 0°C to +2°C (universal (U) model only)

Available models of AHT EQ MIAMI freezer

  • AHT EQ MIAMI xxx (–) / (U) / VS / AD / ECO / L / LED

Available series of AHT EQ MIAMI freezer

  • 2011-2017 year production (only R290 refrigerant)

Useful information

  • AD – auto defrost (twice per week – standard)

  • VS – electronic speed-controlled compressor

  • (–) – standard model of freezer

  • (U) – universal model of freezing / cooling cabinet

  • LED – LED internal light

  • R290 – refrigerant R290

  • ECO – plastic tank for more energy efficiency

Flexible location options

  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit

  • Can be used in a line up

  • Maximizes the use of floor space with an end cabinet

  • Can be either installed bellow shelving or integrated into existing shelving systems

Packing set for each freezer

  • Freezers can be supplied both in the standard and in the reinforced transport packaging

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